Reborn Lost - test screening in Frankfurt a.M.

Turnout at the Reborn Lost test screening was fantastic. About 40 guests were able to get a first hand look at the film and came back with very constructive feedback. Two screening sessions at the great Lindenberg Hotel in Frankfurt am Main gave an opportunity to observe a live audience as they watched an early cut of the film. Since, we have returned to the editing room to take all the input into account and are happily continuing the work on Reborn Lost.


That's a wrap!! After a total of 14 days of shooting Reborn Lost wrapped on November 12th. We're deep into post production now. For those of you interested in the nerdy details of our technical process be ware, a sort of play by play will follow soon. Just know so much: We've produced around 13 TB of cannon raw .rmf files. Quite a lot of bits and bites.


REBORN LOST has been in development for about one year. It was originally written as a feature length screenplay before Julian Wulf and author Jan M. Hass decided to condense the complex story into a 30 minute short film.


In only two and a half weeks time the feature screenplay was rewritten to fit the planned 30 minute format. But this was only the beginning.


Serious production on REBORN LOST started in June/July of 2015 and has been underway ever since. A team of highly motivated production professionals have come together to work on this passion project and make it great.


REBORN LOST shooting will begin at the end of October. Twelve days of production in the Rhein-Main-Area are currently planned.