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29. September 2015
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21. September 2015


What is FundMusic?

FundMusic gives you the unique opportunity to fulfill your music project you have been longing for with just a few clicks. A lacking budget has stood in the way of your plans? Now this music platform enables you to gain supporters/ backers for your project and obtain the financial means you desperately need within a short time. With our help you may finally achieve your musical dream with little effort – whether you want to produce your own first CD or you are planning a large concert tour or you have always wanted to establish a music school. The procedure is very simple: you present your project on FundMusic, you determine the time frame in which you want to raise the desired financial aid and in the end, if your funding project was successful, you complete your product in collboration with the team of FundMusic.

Everybody is welcome on our innovative music platform. Individual artists benefit from the advantages of FundMusic as do bands and complete orchestras. But also private persons or associations found the right partner in us. No matter if you prefer rock, pop or opera, with us the music always takes centre stage. After all, our motto is „FundMusic supports music“. To achieve your goal you only need to adhere to the following three steps which we will explain to you in detail below:

Describe your project

Determine a catalogue

Advertise your project

1. Describe your project – Present your projects to the audience

The more you tell about your project, which has to be associated with music, on your own FundMusic project page the more enthusiastic the audience becomes. You can present your plans in whichever way you like. A simple text description or spiced up with some pictures, music files and videos – it’s up to you. In any case, your potential supporters/backers should understand which products or services they will get for their money.

2. Determine a catalogue – Define the bonus your supporters/backers will get

Additional give-aways will make your music project even a little bit more exciting and interesting for your supporters/backers. These may be, for example, an autograph card, a concert in the living room of one of your supporters or an appearance in your latest music video. In this step you may define any bonus your supporters/backers can expect for their respective contribution.

3. Advertise your project − Draw attention to you and your project

Use the opportunity and advertise your FundMusic project in different social media channels such as Facebook or Twitter. We will be pleased to help you advertise your project. We offer you several different marketing packages which will ensure that your project becomes even more popular and the message will reach many potential supporters/backers.

Re-discover / Explore the world of music with FundMusic

The pre-sale platform offers you the opportunity not only to fund your music projects and present them to a broad audience but also to get access to exclusive and top-class music. This is how you can enjoy your new favourite songs every day. Furthermore, you can discover new bands, musicians and genres on FundMusic literally every hour. Only here can you listen to the songs of hip and talented artists and spot the future trends and stars before everyone else does. We bring you tomorrow’s music. Also, a new access to the music community is created for labels and studios, since they - as representatives of the musicians - can post several projects on the funding platform. In this way, they can collect money for the upcoming production. Already finished products may of course also be distributed on FundMusic.

More than a funding platform

Although music is clearly at the heart of FundMusic, we have even more to offer than good songs and exciting band news. Our funding platform provides, for example, an own ticketing system so that the tickets for your next performance can be easily ordered via FundMusic. Additionally FundMusic offers to integrate your funding project into your own website. The software-code for the integration of the project-funding is provided by FundMusic for free.