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STORY – Reborn Lost Film



Set against the backdrop of the economic demise of the western world we open on a 2020’s metropolis. A look into our near future in which corporations control governments - not a lot has changed.

Discharged from his service as a special forces operative, JOHN MARTIN, finds himself working for a private military contractor. Now Martin and CHARLES ERWIN, his former NCO, have a new mission: Protect the FREEMAN family.

Energy mogul ANDREW FREEMAN and his genius daughter JASMINE are on the brink of changing everything. They have discovered “Cold Fusion” - a clean energy technology guaranteed to end the world’s economic crisis. Freeman has decided to go even further and announces he will publish all details needed to build this technology online for free in a few days' time.

Not everyone celebrates Freeman's generosity. His main competitor in the energy market, the mobster BORIS VETKOV, is outraged! He orders the assassination of Andrew Freeman.

Martin, a sleeper cell within the Freeman villa, is activated to carry out the treacherous mission for Vetkov, a superior he doesn’t know exists. When the Freeman daughter, Jasmine, accidentally interrupts the plot in progress and Erwin emerges from the shadows ready to kill his old friend, everything changes.

Martin must weigh his options - a split second decision - one that changes the core of who he is.

For the first time in his life Martin disobeys his orders. New territory for him. A rebirth.

Lost without a moral compass, Martin embarks on a vendetta against Erwin and a villain he knows nothing about. In order to save Jasmine and redeem himself he must become the man the world has been desperately longing for.


REBORN LOST is inspired by the visual style of thrillers like the bourne ultimatum, the departed, the town, etc. Powered by our wonderful DP Julian Wulf.


REBORN LOST will be an action packed intense production which will be matched by superbe sound design from the masterful hands of Tobias Linke.


REBORN LOST will be scored with the film's intention and atmosphere in mind. The emotion will be created by our esteemed colleagues Max Illig and Felix Massig.


REBORN LOST is being produced specifically for the international festival circuit. We hope, when finished this action packed production will speak for itself.